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Accelerated Reader Program

Accelerated Reader Program
The Accelerated Reader (AR) is a computerized progress-monitoring assessment and personalized practice tool that provides reliable and valid feedback on comprehension of books and other materials that students have read. For students, this feedback is motivational. For teachers, this assessment information is used to carefully monitor and guide each student’s independent reading practice.
Students at Valley View South are very excited about the program and work very hard to accumulate their points. Students are to accumulate the following number of points per six weeks to receive full credit for Reading grade.
Pre-K                             8 pts
Kinder                            12 pts
First Grade                   20 pts
Second Grade               25 pts
Third Grade                   30 pts
Fourth Grade                 40 pts
Our A.R. Point goal for this school year is 50,000 points.

A.R Grade Level Stickers
Orange     Pre-K/Kinder Level
Blue          1st Grade Level
Red           2nd Grade Level
Green        3rd Grade Level
Yellow       4th Grade Level
Purple        5th Grade Level
White          6th and above