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Tigers Spotlight

Valley View South Tiger Spotlight #7

Congratulations goes out to Mrs. Rincon, a 4th-grade teacher. Mrs. Rincon is caring and someone who sets high expectations for all her students. Every time you walk into Mrs. Rincon's classroom you get to experience the magic of learning. You get to see student's enthusiasm and desire for learning as lessons are carefully set to be student-centered. Thank you, Mrs. Rincon, for all you do for our students.
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Valley View South Tiger Spotlight #6

Tiger spotlight goes out to Mrs. Chris Balderas, our VVS dance coach. We would like to thank her for always taking the initiative in making sure VVS has the BEST dance team ever. Mrs. Balderas recruits students, contacts parents and communicates with all individuals involved for successful presentations. Thank you, Mrs. Balderas, as yesterday's Homecoming performance was AMAZING! Go VVS Divas!! 🐯
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Valley View South Tiger Spotlight #5

This week's Tiger Spotlight goes out to our VVS third grade Team composed of Mrs. M. Gonzalez, Mrs. N. Arismendez-Contreras, Ms. D. Silva, and Ms. L. Martinez. This group of individuals personify the meaning of no "I" in team as they work together at all times to accomplish all goals set. A big shout out goes out to them!
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Valley View South Tiger Spotlight #4

Valley View South would like to congratulate VVS bus drivers for being this week's tiger spotlight. We greatly appreciate your hard work and dedication in making sure our students at VVS making it safe to and from home. Thank you for doing what you do for our students and for being part of our VVS Team.
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Valley View South Tiger Spotlight #3

Tiger spotlight goes out to our very own Ms. Maria De Leon, nurse. Mrs. De Leon is part of our safety team, Crisis and Threat Committees. She is always on top of all safety needs here at Valley View South. Ms. De Leon leads our safety committees as she always provides us with updates and training for both students and staff. Thank you, Ms. De Leon!!!
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Valley View South Tiger Spotlight #1

The South Elementary spotlight shines on Mrs. Elizabeth Reyes. Mrs. Reyes honors our district with 18 years of service. South recently tied for 1st place in the hallway promotion decoration contest and has earned 1st place for the last 3 yrs. Mrs. Reyes expects her students and staff to be on task at all times. Her calm demeanor allows her to act appropriately for any situation. This has led to the campus's continued success. South Elementary is a Blue Ribbon Campus. Excellent job Mrs. Reyes!!
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