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Tigers Spotlight

Valley View South Tiger Spotlight #20

This week our Tiger Spotlight shines bright on one of our 4th-grade teachers, Mrs. Claudia Rincon. Mrs. Rincon is an exceptionally dedicated teacher who has been working arduously in preparing our students for the upcoming STAAR assessments. She is consistently setting high expectations for all of her students and is always ready to do everything it takes to ensure her students succeed. In addition to everything she already does on a daily basis, Mrs. C. Rincon is always ready to lend a helping hand and participate in after-school events. Mrs. Rincon, we appreciate all that you do. Thank you!!!👏
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Valley View South Tiger Spotlight #19

Tiger spotlight goes out to our nurse, Ms. Maria De Leon. Aside from her duty of taking care of all staff & student's well being, Ms. De Leon works closely and very well with the administration. Ms. De Leon takes pride in planning and following through with all health-related activities, student and staff presentations. Thank you, Ms. De Leon, you are greatly appreciated.
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Valley View South Tiger Spotlight #18

We would like to thank and name Mrs. Chris Balderas Tiger Spotlight light of the week. Mrs. Balderas once again helped in coordinating this year's Dance Team for both homecoming and Border Fest. She works in getting the team together, contacting parents, setting the attire and the dance routine. With the help of another one of our previously recognized tiger spotlights Mrs. Maribel Trejo, both events have been a great success!. Thank you, so much for all you do! Way to go Valley View South Dance Team!
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Valley View South Tiger Spotlight #17

This week's tiger spotlight goes out to our UIL coaches and our UIL coordinator for helping to host this semester's UIL event competitions. We also want to thank them for the dedication they have for our students and for helping our students succeed in all they do. Way to go VVSE!
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Valley View South Tiger Spotlight #16

Valley View South Tiger Spotlight goes out to our very own Perla Longoria, the community aide. Mrs. Longoria is an essential part of our campus. She is always ready to greet and assist anyone who comes into the school. Mrs. Longoria is always ready as well when it comes to planning, organizing and making sure our parents are well informed with everything happening at the campus and or district level. Thank you, Mrs. Longoria, for all you do.
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Valley View South Tiger Spotlight #15

This week we are proud to announce our Tiger Spotlight. We would like to recognize the hard work and dedication our PK3 and PK4 teachers do on a daily basis. With the outstanding assistance of their paraprofessionals, they are able to prepare our little ones academically and artistically. Aside from teaching them daily skills, they also manage to get these little ones to perform amazing dance routines for all audiences and events such as PTOs and district functions. Thank you, Mrs. N. Chavez, Mrs. C. Gonzalez & Mrs. L. Palacios.
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Valley View South Tiger Spotlight #14

A huge THANK YOU goes out to this week's VVS Tiger Spotlight member, Amanda Cisneros, counselor. She is passionate, caring and reliable. Ms. Cisneros is always available for all parents, students, and staff and goes out of her way to work with each and every one of them. Thank you, Ms. Cisneros, for your endless support!
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Valley View South Tiger Spotlight #13

Congratulations go out to our cafeteria department for their EXCELLENT work. Our students are always able to enjoy a warm meal for breakfast and lunch. Our cafeteria staff is always ready to provide their service and smiles to all students and staff alike. They work well with every department to make sure everything is in place. Thank you, once again for a job well done. Teresa Vasquez, Alma Cadena, Nohemi Saenz, Concepcion Vera, Lucia Botello & Ana B. Guajardo Cardenas.
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Valley View South Tiger Spotlight #12

This week's Tiger Spotlight goes out to Mr. Frankie Sanchez, Librarian Aide. Mr. Sanchez plays a huge roll in helping our DI teams EXCEL in all their competitions. Students are always excited to have him as their coach. He makes practice fun and enjoyable. Mr. Sanchez, thank you, for your continuous support for our DI teams.
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Valley View South Tiger Spotlight #11

Tiger spotlight goes out to an individual that has stepped up with no hesitation in our time of need. Mrs. Maribel Trejo, our attendance clerk, not only does an awesome job fulfilling her daily duties, she also helps with everything else needed. Thank you for helping our school run smoothly. Way to go Mrs. Trejo!
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