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Tigers Spotlight

Valley View South Tiger Spotlight Week 10

Tiger Spotlight this week goes out to Mr. Juan Sanchez. Mr. Juan Sanchez, our Science Lab teacher is able to adapt to all schedules needed. At this time, for example, he is running his science lab classes and is also working with student groups on science fair projects. He assists students from beginning to end from choosing their projects, running their experiments, drawing results and conclusions and forming presentations. Mr. Sanchez also heads our DI program and assists with anything needed. Thank you, Mr. Sanchez for all you do.
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Valley View South Tiger Spotlight Week 9

Tiger spotlight goes out to Mrs. Isabel Pedraza. Mrs. Pedraza is one of our Reading Intervention teachers. She is always a big part of everything that goes on at our campus. Mrs. Pedraza's motto is
"Anything for the Kids." Way to go Mrs. Pedraza you are GR-R-REAT!
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Valley View South Tiger Spotlight Week 8

The South Elementary spotlight shines on Mrs. Elizabeth Reyes. Mrs. Reyes honors our district with 16 years of service. There are no code signs when I visit her campus such as "Code Red" or the "Eagle has landed." She expects her students and staff to be on task no matter who is there. This is the expectation for everyone on campus at all times. It's been a great start for South Elementary with the campus winning the district's Promote Reading Decorating Contest. South was able to maintain the scores from last year earning the campus the Blue Ribbon recognition. Awesome job Mrs. Reyes!!
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Valley View South Tiger Spotlight Week 7

Tiger Spotlight goes out to Mrs. Consuelo Salinas. Mrs. Salinas is one of our 3rd-grade teachers. All who visit her classroom are amazed at how she always has her students on task and ready to learn. Mrs.Salinas projects to students the love of learning and success. Thank you, Mrs. Salinas, for being a major part of this amazing Tiger family.
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Valley View South Tiger Spotlight Week 6

Congratulations go out to Ms. Primavera Guajardo for having our very first Tiger Star Readers for this 2018-2019 school year. Mrs.Guajardo holds very high expectations for every one of her students. Aside from sharing with students the love for academics, she is a very spirited and proud Tiger. We are happy to have you as part of our team. Tiger Pride!
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Valley View South Tiger Spotlight Week 5

We are proud and very excited to announce our Tiger Spotlight team of the week, our very own custodial/maintenance staff. All of us at South greatly appreciate everything you do for our school. Our custodial/maintenance department maintains our school in top shape.
They are a group of individuals that are always ready for the day's work. Thank you for being an integral part of this AMAZING team. B. Gomez, B. Barreto, N. Juarez, Y. Bocanegra, R. De Leon, L. Moncada, L. Garza
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Valley View South Tiger Spotlight Week 4

Congratulations to Mr. Fernando Salinas for joining the South Tiger Spotlight Club. Mr. Salinas is an individual that is readily available to assist in any given situation. He is one that individual staff and students can count on to provide assistance when and where needed. Thank you Mr. Salinas for allowing us to count on you!
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Valley View South Tiger Spotlight Week 3

South would like to recognize Pk4 paraprofessional Edna Gonzalez for her unconditional dedication to our students. Mrs. Gonzalez works with all of our students in the most caring and nurturing way allowing them to be safe and successful here at school. She goes out her way to make sure all students feel at home. Thank you, Mrs. Gonzalez, for your continuous support!
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Valley View South Tiger Spotlight Week 2

Tiger Spotlight goes out to Mr. Francisco Gonzalez, our Special Education teacher. This is Mr. Gonzalez's second year with us, but it seems he has been here longer. Mr. Gonzalez works well with all staff and students and has become an integral part of our campus. Thank you, Mr. Gonzalez, for all you do for our students!
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Valley View South Tiger Spotlight Week 1

She did it again! Tiger spotlight goes out to Mrs. Erika Pesina. Mrs. Pesina same as last year took the initiative to work on getting all our PK3, PK4 and Kinder students information for buses. She takes it upon herself to document this information and provides it to all her colleagues and us. This allows for initial bus route identification and safer rides to and from home for all our little ones. Thank you, Mrs. Pesina!
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