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Tigers Spotlight

South Elementary Tiger Spotlight Week 12

Tiger spotlight shines bright on Valley View South’s campus secretary Mrs. Alejandra Saiz. Mrs. Saiz is aware of deadlines that need to be met and works arduously in meeting them and reaching goals that seem impossible. She is able to run her regular daily duties and at the same time take on the responsibility of setting up multiple fundraisers for reaching these goals. Thank you, Mrs. Saiz for all you do!
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South Elementary Tiger Spotlight Week 11

V.V. South Elementary Tiger Spotlight for the week goes out to Mr. Eleazar Perez, fourth grade Teacher. Mr. Perez at this time is the one to beat for having the title of teacher with the most students recognized so far as Tiger Star Readers and Super Tiger Star Readers. He encourages his students to READ, READ, READ!!! Thank you, Mr. Perez for all you do!
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South Elementary Tiger Spotlight Week 10

South Elementary Tiger Spotlight this week goes out to Mrs. Isabel Pedraza, Reading Intervention. Mrs. Pedraza has demonstrated to be an all-around team player. Mrs. Pedraza has taken the lead in helping our students succeed by working closely with our third grade team. She is one to identify the area of need and act on it. Mrs. Pedraza, we greatly appreciate your expertise, hard work and dedication to our students.
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South Elementary Tiger Spotlight Week 9

For this week we would like to recognize Mrs. Haydee Castillo in making it into Tiger Spotlight for South Elementary. Mrs. Castillo goes above and beyond in helping her fellow colleagues. She has become a mentor to those in need in her grade level. Mrs. Castillo is also one to take the lead when it comes to curriculum and instruction. Way to go Mrs. Castillo!
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South Elementary Tiger Spotlight Week 8

This week’s Tiger Spotlight goes out to another of our amazing staff members Mrs. C. Balderas Nurses’ Aide. Mrs. Balderas made all appropriate arrangements with parents and students in forming this year’s Valley View South’s Dance Team. She took time after school to hold practices for the dancers. She is taking the initiative as well to making this team the official team for the school. Thank you Mrs. Balderas.
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South Elementary Tiger Spotlight Week 7

Valley View South would like to recognize Mrs. Salas as our Tiger Spotlight for the week. Since day one Mrs. Salas carries herself with great work ethic. She is someone who when approached on anything is ready and willing to help out. She is seen by others at the campus as an asset and team player!
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Tiger Spotlight South Elementary Week 6

A big Tiger Spotlight shout out goes out to our one and only Mr. Montaño, Lead Teacher. He is hardworking, dedicated, available and always willing to help out with anything that deals with the campus. Mr. Montaño takes care of his Lead Teacher duties and more. Thank you for all you do, you are G-R-R-REAT-LY appreciated.
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South Elementary Tiger Spotlight Week 5

The South Elementary spotlight shines on Mrs. Elizabeth Reyes. Mrs. Reyes honors our district with 15 years of service. There are no code signs when I visit her campus such as "Code Red" or the "Eagle has landed." She expects her students and staff to be on task no matter who is there. This is the expectation for everyone on campus at all times. It's been a great start for South Elementary with the campus having the highest scores on quiz #1 district-wide and winning the district's Promote Reading Decorating Contest. Awesome job Mrs. Reyes!!
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South Elementary Tiger Spotlight Week 4

Valley View South Elementary would like to recognize Mrs. M. Gonzalez for motivating her students to meet expectations to the fullest. Mrs. M. Gonzalez encourages her students to achieve and reach their goals. At this time Mrs. Gonzalez’s class is the class to beat for top AR. Way to go Mrs. Gonzalez!
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South Elementary Tiger Spotlight Week 3

Tiger Spotlight goes out to Ms. Anel Castillo, Reading Intervention. Ms. Castillo has taken it upon herself to collaborate very closely with our parent volunteers on certain activities happening at the campus. She has been an integral part of organizing such activities from beginning to end. Ms. Castillo also works very closely with all other staff members when considering their ideas for implementation. Thank you Ms. Castillo for volunteering your time and effort in putting all ideas together, which in turn bring about great results.
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