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Happy Board Appreciation Month!!  Thank you school board of trustees for your assistance, direction, and never ending support!!"


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A.R Tiger Star Readers Thumbnail Image

A.R Tiger Star Readers

Congratulations to Abril Reynoso, Julian Sanchez, and Hector Rodriguez on reading over 1 Million words and becoming A.R Tiger Star Readers.
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Breakfast with the Principal

Breakfast with the Principal. Students in 3rd and 4th grade who showed significant progress in their 3rd six weeks exams were invited to have breakfast with our VVS Principal, Mrs. Nancy Montemayor on Friday, Jan. 20th

2016-2017 Renewal of District- Notary Resident Form & Power of Attorney

If you used a District - Notary Resident Form or a Power of Attorney as proof of residency when enrolling your child, please ensure to renew the form for 2016-2017 school year. Please select link above for a copy. Forms must be turned in to the Attendance Clerk in August at the campus of enrollment. For any questions, please call your campus Attendance Clerk. Thank you.
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Tiger Spotlight: Week 10 Thumbnail Image

Tiger Spotlight: Week 10

Tiger Spotlight shines bright over the Kindergarten Team at VV South Elementary. All three ladies responded to my email when I asked for assistance with a new district initiative. They have been staying on Fridays to assist our 3rd and 4th grade teachers with parent-student conferences during the Mentoring Program meetings. Thank you Ms. Christina Gonzalez, Ms. Haydee Castillo, and Ms. Veronica Rios for your founded solidarity. Aside from all you do, you signed up for this project and many other campus events!
Tiger Spotlight: Week 9 Thumbnail Image

Tiger Spotlight: Week 9

Tiger Spotlight shines bright over our custodial ladies, Nancy Juarez and Blanca Gomez for their assistance in preparing breakfast for the Breakfast with the Principal event on March 2, 2017. Thank you Blanca and Nancy for your willingness to help out in this worth while event. Gracias Nancy y Blanca por su ayuda al preparar un buen almuerzo para los alumnos de Valley View South Elementary. Se les agradece todo lo que hacen por nuestra escuela y nuestros alumnos!
Tiger Spotlight: Week 8 Thumbnail Image

Tiger Spotlight: Week 8

Tiger Spotlight shines bright over Mr. Fernie Salinas, library aide at VV South Elementary. Mr. Salinas goes above and beyond every opportunity he gets. He has used his personal time to look for electronics to build a game room for our students and has been willing to seek out a technician to repair our campus camera. Just this week, he purchased an item for our school on Amazon with his personal account. All in an effort to help our school save money as we make any necessary purchases. Thank you Mr. Salinas for EVERYTHING that you do, you are truly and asset to Valley View South Elementary!
Tiger Spotlight Week 7: Thumbnail Image

Tiger Spotlight Week 7:

Tiger Spotlight shines bright over 4th Grade Teachers Claudia Rincon, Gracie Sanchez, and Reading Intervention Teacher Anel Castillo.  These dedicated ladies were willing to attend a struggling readers' training at Region I on a Saturday, graciously donating their personal time on a weekend with the hope of learning new strategies to help their struggling learners.  Ms. Sanchez even shared materials with colleagues and made copies to start on strategies first thing Monday morning.  Thank you Ms. Rincon, Ms. Sanchez, and Ms. Castillo for your dedication to the 4th grade students at VV South, your efforts do not go unnoticed.
Tiger Spotlight Week 6: Thumbnail Image

Tiger Spotlight Week 6:

Tiger Spotlight shines bright over Ms. Irasema Alejandro, Special Ed. Teacher and Ms. Christina Gonzalez, Kindergarten teacher at VV South Elementary. These ladies volunteered part of their weekend to attend a Destination Imagination Inservice last
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